As put of our service we can book you in with one of our celebrity hairstylists to match you up flawlessly. Guaranteeing that you will look on point for any event or occasion.

We know how disparaging it can be trying to get your hair weaves, hair pieces and pre-bonds to match to hair and blend the way it should.
Especially when you spend all that lovely, hard earned money on real virgin hair. That why we have decided to totally take away the stresses of the awful ordeal and put together a fantastic variety of shades that are guaranteed to colour match you.



With over 40 colours to choose from, including a hot array of Balayage hues, gorgeous vivid rainbow shades, mixed colour blends and sumptuous bold Ombre’s. Our aim is to make you the bell of the ball with no questions asked, accept from “How do you look so F**king fabulous”?