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Virgin Manes hair is collected by appointment directly from the hair donor. The hair is tied in one direction, harvested, and the direction of the hair is preserved. Hair that is collected at random, not keeping track of the natural direction will tangle when it gets wet. With Remy Hair the cuticle is always going in one direction as on a natural head of hair, so it is less likely to tangle. Since all the hairs are placed in the same direction, the hairs remain undisturbed, making them more durable and long lasting. Virgin Manes hair lasts longer, keeps vitality and elasticity, colours better (enhancing colour consistency over 95% to that of synthetic- fiber), easier to comb and it curls better. This is what makes Virgin Manes so special.


It has to be said that your Virgin Manes Hair are a fantastic investment that must be treated with utmost care the more TLC they are given the better they look. Consult a professional hairstylist to attach the Virgin Manes hair to ensure the hair is fitted correctly and securely.

In regards to daily maintenance it is crucial to keep Virgin Manes hair moisturised. This will help it stay looking good for longer. You should use styling product containing minimal alcohol. Excessive product will create build up on the hair and affect its performance. Before styling the hair bush it through gently, ideally with a paddle bust or wide tooth comb for wavy or curly hair. Bush or comb the hair from end to roots. Damping the hair and applying a small amounts of leave in conditioner to the ends of the hair will keep it hydrated. Before Bed Brush the hair to get rid of any tangles. Then braid the hair in two or one section and tie away your hair with a silk scarf. if not you can always sleep on a satin or silk pillow. This will reduce friction against the hair.


We recommend you prewash our new Virgin Manes hair extensions. Use only a conditioner such as Virgin Manes Rejuvenation Conditioner prior to installation. This will provide the hair with moisture and shine and help to re-hydrate your new hair.

1. Rinse your new hair with warm to hat water.
2. Coat the hair with conditioner.
3. Comb through the new hair with a wide tooth comb.
4. Rinse the new hair until the until the water runs clear.
5. Leave the hair to dry naturally


We recommend you wash your Virgin Mans Hair extensions once or twice a week. To get rid of unwanted grease and dirt.

1. Wash your Virgin Manes hair extensions with Virgin Manes Argan Enriched Shampoo or Virgin Manes Deep Nourishing & Replenishing Shampoo.
2. Conditioning your hair is a must! Use Virgin Manes Rejuvenation Conditioner to keep your hair soft, healthy and shiny.
3. Comb through with a wide tooth comb to avoid damage.
4. Rinse all product from the hair until the water runs clear.
5. Leave your hair extensions to dry naturally.


Heat styling is no problem for your Virgin Manes Hair Extensions. Make Sure you Protect your hair extensions with Virgin Manes Thermal Serum for ultimate heat protection. If the temptation of blowing your drying your hair is to great then try using our Virgin Manes Blow Drying Spray which is a fantastic protector against heat and extends the life of your hair extensions.


Your new Virgin Manes Hair Extensions are pure and unprocessed. We urge you to treat your hair extensions the same way you would treat your own hair.
You can achieve excellent results when colouring your hair extensions, providing you apply your product properly.
It is very important to carry out a strand test prior to dyeing your new hair. This will help you to determine the colour you want to achieve.

1. Set up a clear work station to dye your hair.
2. Using a tinting bowl and brush, apply you hair dye from tip to root aiming to cover all of the hair to prevent patches.
3. leave dye to process for the recommended time according to manufactures instructions.
4. Wash thoroughly until the water runs clear.
5. Condition the hair with Virgin Manes Rejuvenation Conditioner to stop the hair from drying out.
6. leave the hair to dry naturally for 2-3 hours