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Virgin Manes Hair Care Bundle


Virgin Manes Hair Care Bundle
A fantastic offer where you get all of Virgin Manes exclusive hair care products for a fraction of the cost. What can be more lovely.
250ml of Virgin Manes Rejuvenation Conditioner
250ml of Virgin Manes Deep Replenishing Shampoo
250ml of Virgin Manes Argan Enriched Shampoo
250ml of Virgin Manes Blow Drying Spray
30ml of Virgin Manes Thermal Serum for Heat styling Protection

Trapping Moisture In The Extensions

The best way to trap moisture in your extensions is to use a sealant. Moisturisers/sealants are made of large molecules. These molecules are too large to be absorbed by the hair strand. Instead what they do is coat the stands and seal in the moisture that is already in the hair. So the key to avoiding dry extensions is to hydrate and seal – but without using suffering from the drying effects of products that are not designed to help. A good moisturising coat does not just seal, it also enhances the brilliance and lustre of your natural hair colour.

Our Shampoo’s, Conditioners and Treatment coat, seal, help restore and add shine.

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